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Frequently Asked Questions

How To List a Boat For Sale

How To Send Feedback to

How To Adjust Font Size

How To Print From the Site

What Currency Exchange Rates Are Used on the Site?

Q  We are most frequently asked how to list a boat for sale owned by a private seller or owner (FSBO).

A   You can choose from two broker-related options, to either locate a broker who will help you value your vessel and discuss their services and fees, or you can post your listing to attract a broker who may be interested in your boat. Your posting will be viewed only by brokers - not the public.

How To Sell Your Boat
From the homepage, choose Sell Your Boat.

Q  We are also frequently asked how site visitors can give us feedback about our site, about the site redesign, about features you want us to add to the site and so forth.

A  We welcome feedback from our site visitors.

How To Send Feedback to
From the bottom of the page, choose the contact us link. On that page, find a topic about which you want to write us, click the link and send us feedback.

Q  How can I adjust the font size for text on pages I find on the site?

A  We designed this edition of the site for best viewing by individual site visitors. This means that you can make the font larger or smaller using the font options in your browser.

How To Adjust the Font Size
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, from View choose the Text Size command, and then choose the size you want. (There are about five different sizes to choose from.)

For Netscape, from the View menu, choose Increase or Decrease Font (about 10 sizes available).

For AOL, choose My AOL. Then from that menu, choose Preferences. In the box of icons, choose WWW. In the dialog box, choose the General tab. Click Accessibility, and check the option that reads Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages.

If you are using a different browser, locate Help for your browser, and then look for text size or text options.

Q  How do I print from the new site design?

A  You can print one of two ways, depending on the text size you're using.

How To Print
From the browser Page Setup command, set side margins to one-quarter inch, and then print. (This generally works for the default font and smaller.)

If the text is still cut off--sometimes based on the page layout and the font size you've chosen, from the Page Setup command, change the paper orientation to Landscape, and then print.

Q  How do you calculate the exchange rates for dollars, pounds, and euros in your examples?

A  The exchange rates on our site are updated three times a week via an external currency model.